Introducing T & T - Meet the Maker

My name is May and I am the Creator of Tan & Tassel. 

    My love for leather started at the tender age of... Well actually I cannot remember. I suppose it was around the vicinity of age 8 or 9 when my dad (the self-confessed Bushy) sat me down and first taught me how to plait Kangaroo Hide Lace for the first time. The Project? A round, four strand Hatband; a masterpiece it was not but it ignited a future passion that has kept rearing its head over the years and has driven me to start this brand. This led to moving onto all sorts of projects from pocket knife holders to tanning my own hides, even as a youngster. Call me “Sentimental Fool” but I still have in my possession that very first project in my workroom to this day along with many others that hold the memories of the lessons my dad taught me.

    Once in High School, I had the opportunity to attend leather tooling classes after School and once again I have some of those treasured items squirreled away.

    I am drawn to all Western/Cowgirl themes and styling along with a love of the Big, Bold and Quirky (Leopard and Snake print come at me!). So this Brand is definitely a labour of love and I hope I can bring something a little unique to the table for those of us across the pond from the US.

    Sending my love to you all